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The Doctors

Dr. Clint Warkentin


Dr. Clint Warkentin uses a patient-centered approach to chiropractic care, which consists of manual adjusting, soft tissue work, exercise prescription and lifestyle modification. He explains the cause and solution to your aches and pains and works with you to obtain optimum health.


His focus is on family health. He treats young and old. He enjoys the challenges of acute, injury care, but really loves seeing the benefits from family wellness care.

Outside of the clinic, he enjoys cycling, rock climbing, disc golfing and other outdoor activities. He also plays guitar and has been playing with church band since high school.

Dr. Warkentin is married to his best friend Dr. Elena Warkentin. They met in chiropractic college and have spent the majority of their careers working in separate clinics. They are now working back to back and love serving their city together!

Dr. Elena Warkentin​


Dr. Elena Warkentin is a California native. She went to undergrad in New Jersey and chiropractic college in Portland, OR. You may recognize her from her extensive involvement with volleyball at NPSS and the FSJ ICE. Before her coaching career, she was a Div 1 NCAA starter for Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey.


Dr. Elena can also be seen with her husband at various community and sporting events thoughout the city. She has helped out at the FSJ Triathlon, Emperor's Challenge, Lone Wolf Classic and Terry Fox Memorial Run. She uses her experience as a trained chiropractic sports physician at these sporting events. 


In addition to working on the spine and neck, Dr. Elena focuses on foot pain and rehab to help patients get their feet back in shape and functioning properly. She also uses a deep tissue technique called Graston in her practice for scar tissue and myofascial problems like plantar fasciitis, shin splints, carpal tunnel, and other complaints.

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